to each their own

to each their own or so I've been told some will stand others will fold the apple; doesn't fall far from the tree golden or rotten, it's all the same to me a person manifests their destiny by taking action the universe responds with an equal and opposite reaction


"A man without a plan will quickly become banned/canned/overly tanned." I hate planning. I also love planning. I love feeling like I can control the outcomes of things, that a plan I've written down is exactly how it will play out in reality. In the tech world, everyone loves "sprinting". A sprint is a two-week [...]

First Month Retrospective

Intro It's been one month since I started working on my side projects full time. I've learned some things in this month. I'm not sure if any of these will be helpful to anyone since everyone has their own situation, but I hope something will be helpful to someone, somewhere. Time Having all your time [...]

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Today, I had some medium to poor Chinese food, but the fortune in the (stale) fortune cookie was very insightful. "If you're happy, you're successful." Mindfulness is back in vogue recently, and a lot of people are realizing that keeping up with the Joneses' isn't any way to establish long lasting happiness. I've been working [...]

Next Steps

"Two paths diverged in a yellow wood..." I just left my job. Worse yet, I left my job to chase a quote-on-quote dream. Even worse than that, my dream isn't even well defined, isn't supported by $10M seed funding, and doesn't have the support of a university or company behind it. And the worst sin [...]