3 Immediately Actionable Tips to make your Day Better


  • What is “Actionable”?
  • Biological Processes: HALT
  • Smile and Power Pose
  • Write it Down

What is “Actionable”?

In this context, actionable means that the results of a process will be immediately apparent. For example, stubbing your toe is an immediately actionable tip. A bad one, but I digress.



I learned about HALT a few years ago and it has had a positive impact on my mindfulness since. The rules are simple. When you’re upset, stop and assess the following:

  • Am I Hungry?
  • Am I Aangry?
  • Am I Lonely?
  • Am I Tired?

From there, it’s a simple algorithm:

if (hungry) { eat something nutritious(it’s important that it’s nutritious!) }
if (angry) { take three deep breaths, 4 seconds in, 4 seconds out; and assess if there is any way to politely remove yourself from the situation }
if (lonely) { call someone who cares about you }
if (tired) { take a nap or set a reminder in your phone to go to bed early tonight }

2. Smile and Power Pose

Wonder Woman Pose

There is research that suggests that smiling and power posing can influence your mood in a positive manner. While not verifiable, power posing is easy to do, and the act of feeling in control of your emotion will have a positive impact on your mood.

3. Write it Down

If you want to solve a problem, the best way I’ve ever found is to simply write the problem down. Get it out of your head. Once on paper, it will become monumentally easier to deal with. Promise.

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