Lexical Scoping and Improv

Summary What is lexical scoping? What are closures? Lexical scoping is a technique used in improv Comedic callbacks and Rule of Three What is lexical scoping? Lexical scoping is a computer science concept used to manage and read variables. Lexical scoping is used by the parser (the interpreter of our code) to determine which variables […]

Surely you Jest!

Here’s a few quick tip for the users of Jest out there! Environment Variables If you’re using environment variables that need to be loaded in before your tests run, you can use the –config flag. This flag will allow you to pass in environment variables. Example:

Mocking Modules vs Mocking Specific Functions When […]

Blocking Websites with Python

Finding Motivation Avoiding websites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Reddit can feel like a full time job. The internet is a great tool for productivity and knowledge, but all too often it’s a time sink as well. Earlier this week, in a fit equally caused by frustration as much as inspiration, I decided to write […]

Minimalism in Programming

The topic of minimalism is pretty large, so this topic may span multiple posts. Recently, I’ve been really caught up in the idea of minimalism, and of simplicity in general. I’m subscribed to a guy named Matt D’Avella on Youtube. His ideas on creativity and his simple, straightforward style got me really excited to dig […]

Arrow Functions in Javascript

Arrow functions are fun! Arrow functions were introduced in ES6, and look like this (=>). When I first saw the arrow, I was confused as to what value it provides. What was wrong with the old way? Am I a bad JS developer if I don’t use arrow functions? I thought that maybe it was […]

GraphQL — the hero we need but don’t deserve

Note: This post will already assume that readers know the basics of GraphQL. If you don’t know GraphQL or would like a refresher, I recommend the fantastic tutorial on the Apollo website. Summary: GraphQL provides a ton of side benefits beyond its main functionality as a query language for your API It allows developers to […]

Tests: 5 Tips to Make Coding Less Stressful

Why bother testing tho? Code, like everything else in the universe, is subject to entropy. Code has a unique proclivity to decay literally overnight. Keeping up a project that does more than one trivial thing bug free is difficult, time consuming, and stressful, especially when requirements change and engineers switch hands. This is because all […]