Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Today, I had some medium to poor Chinese food, but the fortune in the (stale) fortune cookie was very insightful. “If you’re happy, you’re successful.” Mindfulness is back in vogue recently, and a lot of people are realizing that keeping up with the Joneses’ isn’t any way to establish long lasting happiness. I’ve been working […]

Next Steps

“Two paths diverged in a yellow wood…” I just left my job. Worse yet, I left my job to chase a quote-on-quote dream. Even worse than that, my dream isn’t even well defined, isn’t supported by $10M seed funding, and doesn’t have the support of a university or company behind it. And the worst sin […]

Lexical Scoping and Improv

Summary What is lexical scoping? What are closures? Lexical scoping is a technique used in improv Comedic callbacks and Rule of Three What is lexical scoping? Lexical scoping is a computer science concept used to manage and read variables. Lexical scoping is used by the parser (the interpreter of our code) to determine which variables […]

Books I Read [September]

For this month, I wanted to branch out a bit. I generally read a lot (only?) non-fiction, so I made sure to pick up one autobiography and one historical fiction book this month. I’m pleased to report that they didn’t disappoint! In fact, Beneath a Scarlet Sky was my favorite read this month! Join me […]

Minimalism in Programming

The topic of minimalism is pretty large, so this topic may span multiple posts. Recently, I’ve been really caught up in the idea of minimalism, and of simplicity in general. I’m subscribed to a guy named Matt D’Avella on Youtube. His ideas on creativity and his simple, straightforward style got me really excited to dig […]

The Million Dollar App Idea

Disclaimer I haven’t created a million dollar app yet either, so you can take or leave my opinions. This post arises from multiple conversations with friends at different stages of life who all have different ideas about technical solutions they’d like to see in the world. Summary The glorious idea The bleak truth of “good” […]

Why Everyone Should Learn To Code

This post is a response to the great video released by PolyMatter called “Not Everyone Should Code”. Here’s the video but I’ve summarized the points below if you don’t want to watch it. Summary of Not Everyone Should Code Programmers get paid really well Programming as a job is trending upwards There is a […]