Flat Pat

Pat is flat. And that’s that. All of Pats friends are fat. Pat was born to a couple of famished expats. The fat pack won’t let Pat into their frat. He tried to show them that he could scat; but on his face they spat. Pat grows up resentful and becomes an autocrat. Drat. He [...]

Accelerating Your Potential

Great news! MassChallenge has agreed to share their thoughts on helping individuals create startups and to teach us (myself included) about startup accelerators. Thank you MassChallenge! MassChallenge is a non-profit startup accelerator that has raised over $4 billion dollars! for startups. That's a lotta dough! If you'd like to see my thoughts on whether or [...]

3 apps that make you more productive

We live in a pretty cool time. We're surrounded constantly by gadgets, are in constant communication with each other and new technologies that improve life come out every day. One thing that's worse though, is the anxiety that comes with always being connected to each other. I grew up with the internet, so I can't [...]

Lexical Scoping and Improv

Summary What is lexical scoping? What are closures? Lexical scoping is a technique used in improv Comedic callbacks and Rule of Three What is lexical scoping? Lexical scoping is a computer science concept used to manage and read variables. Lexical scoping is used by the parser (the interpreter of our code) to determine which variables [...]

Books I Read [September]

For this month, I wanted to branch out a bit. I generally read a lot (only?) non-fiction, so I made sure to pick up one autobiography and one historical fiction book this month. I'm pleased to report that they didn't disappoint! In fact, Beneath a Scarlet Sky was my favorite read this month! Join me [...]

Surely you Jest!

Here's a few quick tip for the users of Jest out there! Environment Variables If you're using environment variables that need to be loaded in before your tests run, you can use the --config flag. This flag will allow you to pass in environment variables. Example:

Mocking Modules vs Mocking Specific Functions When [...]